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Sascha Made Freeman of County of Herefordshire

Sascha has today been given the greatest honour the county of Herefordshire can bestow, having made him an honourary freeman of the county.

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Sascha's Homecoming Party

There will be a homecoming party for Sascha on Saturday 8th October in Hereford.

The party is open to everyone to attend so we hope you can come along and join in the celebrations.

Although some parts of the party are a suprise, we can share some of the details with you here.

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Swans supply Sasha's performance swimming goggles.

Sascha is also supported by Halo, a registered charity and social enterprise running 19 sport and leisure centres in Herefordshire.

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Sascha supports Hemihelp, Megan Baker House and HemiChat.

Hemihelp and HemiChat are charities for young people with hemiplegia and Megan Baker House provides education for those in need.

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'Sascha is an experienced athlete who is fully dedicated and committed to achieving excellence at the highest level...'

Tim Reddish,
NPD-Disability Swimming and
IPC Swimming Chairperson.

Sascha works with a wide variety of individuals and organisations. To find out what they think of him, click here.

To date, Sascha has won a total of 62 major championship medals including seven golds at Paralympic Games, eleven golds at World Championships and 14 golds at European Championships.

Sascha Kindred: Career Achievements

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